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The architectural and construction teams of Darrell Byrd, A.I.A have been serving clients throughout northeast Oklahoma since 1978 with over 125 combined years of experience in various types of projects from small interior remodels to custom homes-churches public schools, or commercial buildings -all at any size! The Property Arts team specializes in cutting-edge design for homes and businesses alike. We’re capable of anything your imagination desires if it can be built! The experts from this company work together seamlessly to make any building project come true with their expert experience helping streamline the process for you as well so that we move along quickly without ever wasting time or money.

Property Arts is a custom home building company that will create the perfect place for you. Whether it’s an updated kitchen or bathroom, Property Arts have everything homeowners could want in their dream house!

Do you have a business but need more space for your growing company? Property Arts can design the perfect office from scratch! Custom floor plans and efficient flow are just two of many things our team will do to make sure everything runs smoothly. Rather than designing an entire building around what it takes, we create custom options based on how YOU work best–your needs as well as those who would be using any given area or suite within said structure.

Property Arts have been providing new construction services to accommodate the ever-growing needs of small congregations since we first started building houses back in 1968. Our team is skilled at designing spaces that allow your church or temple not only to fulfill its spiritual destiny but also to be functional and comfortable for all members involved – from worshipers on Sunday morning up until those working late hours each weeknight!

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  • Design
  • New Commercial Construction
  • Existing Commercial Building Expansion/Addition Services
  • Commercial Renovation Services
  • Commercial Remodel Services
  • Tenant Finish-Out Services


  • Design
  • New Residential Construction
  • Existing Residential Addition Services
  • Residential Renovation Services
  • Residential Remodel Services

Construction Experts

When you think about severe storms and weather, one thing that comes to mind is the safety of your family! We’ve got 85 years’ experience working on these kinds of protection projects – we understand all regulations related to residential spaces as well commercial ones such as schools & churches too.

We have an experienced team that specializes in designing and building schools. We can create a safe, functional learning environment for students of all abilities with our timeless structures.

If you need someone with Property Arts expertise in designs, we can create an amazing layout for building apartments that are functional and efficient. Our eye for design will ensure every square foot is used efficiently