We have been serving architectural and construction clients throughout all of northeastern Oklahoma, western Arkansas, southwest Missouri, and Texas since 1978.

The companies are owned and operated by Darrell Byrd, A.I.A. and his wife, Gayle. Along with a dedicated design staff and construction team they strive to ensure client satisfaction.

Combined, the design and construction teams have over 125 years of experience in various types of projects from small interior remodels, custom homes, churches, public schools, and commercial buildings of any size.

Broken Arrow Architectural Services

We specialize in cutting-edge design on homes and businesses alike. Our team is able to create anything your imagination desires. If it can be built, Property Arts can build it for you.

Darrell and his team work together seamlessly to make any building design project a reality. His designs and their expert experience help to streamline the process and move along the project efficiently. Our services encompass a large array of building types.


Custom Home Design

Do you have a dream to build your own home? Are you looking to breathe new life into your current home? Property Arts’ residential work is highly sought after among homeowners looking to remodel and those wanting to build their custom dream home. A custom home built by Property Arts will stand out among the rest.


Office Building

Starting a business? Upgrading your current building? Property Arts can help you design the perfect space to run your business successfully. Custom floor plans and efficient flow are just two of the things that our team can do for your office. Rather than fitting your workflow into the building’s design, Property Arts can design the building to work with you, making your work space seamless and well planned.


Religious Building

Is your sanctuary bursting at the seams? Is it time to build a new building so the entire congregation can be under the same roof at the same time? Property Arts is able to build your next church building to serve your needs and fit your congregation size, with  room to grow.


Storm Shelter

When living in tornado alley, it’s good to have a safe place to go when severe storms loom in the distance. With a storm shelter designed by Property Arts, you know you’re covered if a tornado strikes. Our team has 85 years of experience with storm shelters to make sure you and your family can take refuge  in severe weather. We know all the regulations that have been put in place for storm shelters for both residential and commercial spaces, as well as schools and churches.


Educational Building

Our experienced team can design and build a school building that is safe, functional, and serves every need that students and teachers may have. From classrooms to cafeterias, gymnasiums to performing arts centers, Property Arts can design  a timeless structure to fit any school’s programs.


Apartment Building

Property Arts expertise in designs can create an amazing layout for building apartments that are functional and efficient. Our eye for design and experience in crafting commercial and residential structures helps us utilize every square foot of space – making desirable, spacious apartments anyone would be happy to move into.