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Who Builds Broken Arrow’s Best Storm Shelter?

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Atherton Property Arts Inc. has been building shelters for the residents of Broken Arrow for many years, and are proud to be known as the best Storm Shelter builders in the area. Every Storm Shelter is built with the highest quality materials and craftsmanship. Property Arts storm shelters are designed to protect you and your family during severe weather conditions.


The Storm Shelters come in a variety of sizes, so there is sure to be one that fits your needs. We are able to create a storm shelter in both an existing building and a new structure. With multiple different safe room options, there is guaranteed one best to fit your family and keep them safe. Here at Property Arts, we take pride in making sure our customers have access to the best Storm Shelter on the market.


It is our goal to provide each of our clients with the absolute best creation, design and solution to make sure that everybody has the opportunity to survive a disaster. Don’t wait until it’s too late; get protected today! Contact Property Arts to learn more about Storm Shelters and how they can help keep your family safe.


Broken Arrow Storm Shelter


Our List of Services


Although storm shelters are one of our specialties, we at Property Arts Inc. offer multiple different services including architecture and construction. Here is just a quick glimpse at the other services that we offer:


Construction Services

  • Commercial and Residential Design
  • New Commercial and Residential Construction
  • Existing Commercial and Residential Expansion/Addition Services
  • Commercial and Residential Renovation Services
  • Commercial and Residential Remodel Services
  • Commercial Tenant Flush-Out Services


Architecture Services

  • Preliminary Design Services
    • Define Project Scope – Site Evaluation and Analysis – Master Planning Studies
    • Project Budget REview – Project Schedule Review – Code Reviews
  • Design and Construction Documents
    • Site Planning – Building Design – Equipment Layout – Utility Coordination
    • Interior Details – Safe Room Design – Sustainable Design – Construction Specifications
    • Bid Announcement
  • Bidding and Contractor Selection Services
    • Oversee Bidding Process – Schedule Bid Opening – Oversee Bid Opening
    • Evaluate Bids – Qualify Contractors – Assist in Contractor Selection – Prepare Contract
  • Construction Oversight Services
    • Initiate Construction Contract – Monitor Project Schedule – Observe Construction
    • Approve Submitted Materials – Review Pay Applications – Verify As Built Items
    • Coordinate Warranty Items


Why We Are The Experts


We at Property Arts Inc. are the experts in building storm shelters because we have  75 years of experience and knowledge in this field of design for educational, commercial, professional and residential applications. We understand the materials, construction techniques and safety measures necessary to construct a reliable storm shelter that can protect you from extreme storms.


Furthermore, our team of engineers are available to provide consultation services on every aspect of designing and constructing a safe storm shelter from start to finish. With our expertise and professionalism, you can be sure that your storm shelter will be built according to the highest industry standards so you can feel protected during even severe weather events. Property Arts Inc. is the go-to company for anyone looking to build a reliable and secure storm shelter.