Broken Arrow Barndominum Builders

Broken Arrow Barndominum Builders When you need an architecture firm in Broken Arrow that’s been in the industry for nearly four decades and is dedicated to meeting all of your needs, there is no better choice than Property Arts Architecture. Founded by Darrell and Gayle Byrd – two people who are not just passionate about their work but also care deeply about each other- we take pride in providing personalized service from start-up until completion with projects ranging anywhere between interior remodels or custom homes down through churches & public schools!

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We are a team with over 125 years worth of experience, and we know that there’s nobody better suited to handle your next architectural project. We enjoy what we do because it means being able to help our clients realize their vision and overcome any problems they may face during the building process – in both big things as well small ones! We are confident that you will be satisfied by how quickly we are able to complete the construction of your new building and honor your budget.


We’re not your average design company. Where others see a blank canvas, we bring to life anything you can imagine – from homes and businesses all the way down to interior spaces or exterior landscapes! We take pride in our ability to give clients exactly what they want without sacrificing quality. This is why Property Arts has such satisfied customers who always come back and trust us with more building projects throughout Oklahoma. If there’s one thing about us that will never change, it is our love of embracing a good challenge and applying creative ideas and solutions to build something that is both beautiful and functional.

Property Arts Architecture Services

  • Custom Home Design
  • Religious Building
  • Educational Building
  • Architectural Services
  • Office Building
  • Storm Shelter
  • Apartment Building

Broken Arrow’s Go-To Builders

We begin each project by getting to know you, your interests, and your needs so that we can create a design with which you will be pleased. We work with a team of experts in different fields so that we can provide top-quality services tailored towards meeting all those requirements. We will analyze how to complete it in an efficient manner, taking into consideration all aspects from construction documents through interior details like safe rooms or sustainable designs that are both environmentally friendly! Once we have reviewed what you want to accomplish within budget parameters, our team can be hands-on throughout every aspect including overseeing the bidding process as well selecting contractors who know their stuff when it comes down right materials selection onsite at completion time


Our team also aims to understand what aspects of each project interest or concern potential clients most before deciding how best to allocate our time and resources. From there, discussions proceed into defining the scope based on the initial designs produced during these first consultations together. We further work with our clients to define the parameters established so that each step of the way, you feel included and confident that what is being created is what you desire.