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Broken Arrow Barndominium

Broken Arrow is an architectural services company that specializes in cutting-edge design on
homes and businesses alike. We’re able to create anything your imagination desires, if it can be
built Property Arts is the architect company for you! Our team works together seamlessly with each client every step of the project – designing something unique for them while also providing expert experience throughout all stages; 
planning projects efficiently so they go off without any problems or complications ; ensuring customer satisfaction guaranteed through high
quality workmanship before closing deadlines.
Property Arts has 75 years of experience in safe room design, and they are here to help you
protect your family with their expertise.

With storms leaving a devastating mark on our
 country’s landscape this past season – it is more
important than ever before for homeowners or businesses to have proper storm shelter facilities available near where people live/work so as not be caught off guard when disaster strikes.



Architecture Services:

Preliminary Design Services

Define Project Scope
Site Evaluation & Analysis
Master Planning Studies
Project Budget Review
Project Schedule Review
Code Reviews

Design and Construction Documents

Site Planning
Building Design
Equipment Layout
Utility Coordination
Interior Details
Safe Room Design
Sustainable Design
Construction Specifications
Bid Announcement

Bidding and Contractor Selection Services

Oversee Bidding Process
Schedule Bid Opening
Oversee Bid Opening
Evaluate Bids
Qualify Contractors
Assist in Contractor Selection
Prepare Contract

Construction Oversight Services

Initiate Construction Contract
Monitor Project Schedule
Observe Construction
Approve Submitted Materials
Review Pay Applications
Verify As Built Items
Coordinate Warranty Items

Construction Services:


New Commercial Construction
Existing Commercial Building Expansion/Addition Services
Commercial Renovation Services
Commercial Remodel Services
Tenant Finish-Out Services


New Residential Construction
Existing Residential Addition Services
Residential Renovation Services
Residential Remodel Services

Architectural and Construction Experts

We are highly sought after among homeowners who want nothing more than breathing new life
into their current homes with custom design work done by us. Our talented team will make sure
no detail goes unnoticed as we create exactly how each customer envisioned his/her future

The team at Property Arts has years of experience designing office buildings so we know how
important it is to provide ample room (both square footage-wise as well as height) in order to
make sure employees aren’t constantly feeling crowded.

Our team has 85 years of experience and will be there to help you. The Property Arts team has built buildings, and we can design one that is just right for you. Our eye for design, experience crafting commercial structures like office buildings or homes alike – all add up together when it comes time build your new place!

Call us at 918-893-5560 for your next commercial or residential project.