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Bixby, OK Barndominium Designs

Broken Arrow is a company that specializes in creating the most cutting-edge designs for homes and businesses alike. We’re able to take on projects of any size if they can be designed by Property Arts! Our team works together seamlessly with each client at every step of their project – designing something unique just for them while also providing expert experience throughout all stages; planning our work efficiently so these go off without problems or complications at hand (and quickly); ensuring customer satisfaction guaranteed through high-quality materials used before closing deadlines come due. Property Arts is an award-winning company with 75 years of experience in safe room design. We follow ICC 500 as well as any other guidelines provided by FEMA (such as 360 or 320) so you can be confident about our storm shelter’s ability to protect those who must enter it should a disaster strike!

Our skilled team has done work for homes, and businesses alike; no matter what type of building project needs doing – residential buildings including houses, office spaces, commercial construction projects like restaurants/bars that serve alcoholic beverages on site…we’ve got your back when it comes time to protect yourself during emergencies.

Broken Arrow Services


  • Define Project Scope
  • Site Evaluation & Analysis
  • Master Planning Studies
  • Project Budget Review
  • Project Schedule Review
  • Code Reviews


  • Site Planning
  • Building Design
  • Equipment Layout
  • Interior Details
  • Safe Room Design
  • Sustainable Design
  • Construction Specification



  • Commercial Remodel Services


  • Design
  • Existing Residential Addition Services
  • Residential Renovation Services
  • Residential Remodel Services

Design Experts

We know from experience that employees don’t want to feel crowded or jumbled up, which is why Property Arts specialize in designing spacious homes for their customers. Our talented team will make sure no detail goes unnoticed as they create a custom design tailored to exactly how each customer envisioned his/her future residence would look when completed years ago (or decades!).

Property Arts have been crafting homes and buildings for over 75 years, so they know how important it is to provide you with the best protection possible. Whether your new construction or renovation project involves safe rooms as well – Property Arts will be there every step of the way! We understand the importance of space for employees, which is why our design teams work hard to ensure each home has enough living area and outdoor decking. You can find Property Arts in your city’s most popular neighborhoods because we strive not only on making homes beautiful but also comfortable places where people want to live! We work together seamlessly so that every project flows smoothly without any delays or setbacks. You’ll never find better designers than us!

We’re excited about the opportunity to breathe new life into your current home with one of our many services. We’ll make sure you don’t miss any details when it comes time for us to design yours! Call us at 918-893-5560 for your next design project.