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surprisedly Bixby, OK Barndominium Builders

Built by Property Arts, our designs are cutting-edge and imaginative. We’ll create and build a house or office building to suit your needs with skillful design abilities! We are a full-service design and building company specializing in work on homes, and businesses alike. We’re able to create anything your imagination desires with our team’s expertise!

In the event of a disaster, Property Arts are here to help. The Property Arts team is here to help you protect your family with their expertise. With storms leaving a devastating mark on our country’s landscape this past season – it has never been more important for homeowners or businesses alike to receive the benefits from having proper storm shelter facilities available near where people live/work so as not to be caught off guard when disaster strikes.

We are known throughout Green country as an architectural services provider with cutting-edge design on every project we take on! Our staff at Bixby works closely together during each step of the building timeline. We are providing excellent craftsmanship guaranteed through high-quality materials used in construction processes such as paint coating & trimming woodwork pieces properly among other things. Builder Services


  • Site Planning
  • Building Design
  • Equipment Layout
  • Utility Coordination
  • Interior Details
  • Construction Specifications


  • Monitor Project Schedule
  • Observe Construction
  • Approve Submitted Materials
  • Verify As Built Items
  • Coordinate Warranty Items

Construction Services:


  • New Commercial Construction
  • Existing Commercial Building Expansion/Addition Services
  • Commercial Renovation Services
  • Commercial Remodel Services


  • New Residential Construction
  • Existing Residential Addition Services
  • Residential Renovation Services
  • Residential Remodel Services

Builder Experts

Property Arts provides such excellent service for every customer-we want you to come away feeling more than satisfied with our work.

It’s time to build your new place! Whether you need a school or an office building, our team has the experience and building know-how. With our expertise, we’ll be able to take on any job big enough for us – let Property Arts help bring it alive with creativity while staying within budget constraints too. With vast knowledge in the industry, the Property Arts team can craft a building that is just right for you. We have built structures in our area and designed commercial structures, which all add up together when it comes time to build your new place!

Call us at 918-893 5560 today if you would like us to discuss any of your building needs!