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In 1978, A.I.A., Inc., was founded by Darrell and Gayle Byrd to provide architectural services throughout northeast Oklahoma along with western Arkansas, southwest Missouri & Texas areas of the United States. The company is run by our family members with over 125 combined years of experience in various types of projects such as small interior remodels, custom homes/offices (renovations), church buildings, public schools, or commercial.

We specialize in cutting-edge design for homes and businesses alike. The team can create anything your imagination desires, with a full range of services for every type of project you can imagine! If it’s been done before then Property Art will make sure that happens again – just like how they’ve made some pretty incredible buildings happen across town (and country).

Homeowners want a home that is unique and offers them the chance to create their perfect design. We know how important it can be for homeowners who are remodeling or building from scratch, so they build custom homes with great attention paid to detail along every step to make sure you get everything just right!

Al Mukallā Architect Services

  • Preliminary Design Services
  • Define Project Scope
  • Site Evaluation & Analysis
  • Master Planning Studies
  • Project Budget Review
  • Project Schedule Review
  • Code Reviews

Design and Construction Documents

  • Site Planning
  • Building Design
  • Equipment Layout
  • Utility Coordination
  • Interior Details
  • Safe Room Design
  • Sustainable Design
  • Construction Specifications
  • Bid Announcement

Bidding and Contractor Selection Services

  • Oversee Bidding Process
  • Schedule Bid Opening
  • Oversee Bid Opening
  • Evaluate Bids
  • Qualify Contractors
  • Assist in Contractor Selection
  • Prepare Contract

Construction Oversight Services 

  • Initiate Construction Contract
  • Monitor Project Schedule
  • Observe Construction
  • Approve Submitted Materials
  • Review Pay Applications
  • Verify As Built Items
  • Coordinate Warranty Items

Architect Specialist

We have an extensive background as both designer/builder and contractor which allows unprecedented insight into what clients might need from their next build or remodel; we knows all there is to know about building materials too.

We are experienced in designing and building schools that meet the needs of students, teachers, or administrators. From classrooms to cafeterias – We can design a structure that will serve your program well into its future by being both functional and aesthetically pleasing!

We have the expertise to craft an efficient and functional layout for building apartments. We are experienced in designing residential structures, and commercial buildings as well! With Property Art’s eye on design coupled with our years of experience crafting homes or businesses into living spaces that anyone would want to move into.

From the moment you walk into your new school, We will ensure that it is a place where students can thrive. We are experienced in designing buildings which serve their needs and aspirations by providing them with safe spaces to learn; whether they want an arts center or just more rooms for sports—we have what’s needed!